“A picture is a poem without words” “The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke”


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    Painting is not scary hard!

    Painting with Oil Aces: Oil paint is moderate drying, taking into consideration more opportunity to roll out improvements and to mix hues. Oil refracts the shading shade in the paint for delightful, rich gleaming shading. Extraordinary for authenticity, mixing, and detail, oil can likewise be utilized for exploratory and perky techniques for reflection Cons: Working […]

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    Edge of art

    Any innovative who are endeavoring to portray reality—regardless of whether a creator, stone carver or painter—must attempt to ace the craft of fantasy. A standout amongst the most valuable apparatuses a craftsman can use to deliver this enchantment is the control of edges. The lexicon meaning of “edge” is the line where a question or […]

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    Painting tips

    How Painting Quick Studies Lead You to Become a Better Artist It’s all pointless fooling around to joke about being a slowpoke, however overthinking a few things, for example, how to paint a subject, can be a genuine barricade. At times it’s best to simply bounce in and see what happens when you start portraying […]


    Identity in painting

    How Your Painting Personality Affects Your Painting Process For some painters, the way toward making is loaded with the rise to measures of energy and dread. This interesting blend of feelings becomes possibly the most important factor in about each phase of a sketch and, contingent upon the identity of the craftsman can be either […]

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    Brushing tehniques

    1. Dress in Layers Favorable position of hued pencils is that the col­ors are premixed and predictable; the going with hindrance is that it can be hard to discover a pencil of the correct shading you require. Different hues are accomplished through layering, setting one shading over another until the point that the outcome comes […]

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    Face is important in paiting!

    It’s All About the Skull The skull gives the system of the head and confront, and when taking a gander at a man’s face we can obviously observe the skull’s impact all over, from the temple, the sanctuary and the forehead edge down to the cheekbones, the scaffold of the nose and the jaw. In […]


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